Above: Showreel of recent directing work and production, along with additional director reel highlights with client partners, supporting production companies and agencies.
We’ve collaborated with visionary client partners, studios, networks, and consumer brands, directed and produced documentaries, Super Bowl spots, distributed original music across the world, collaborated with actors, designers, writers and crew, created original TV from The US to the UK, and contributed to the launch of some of entertainment’s biggest brands and series franchises.
When we execute a shoot campaign, we tell a character story at every level – an iconic title card shot, a compelling character teaser, a scripted premise concept or narrative video. These are just a few examples/edits of extended director narrative cuts.
We feel beyond blessed to have worked with some prolific talent, especially in comedy. Our family at Warner Bros. TV have been a significant part of our Lincoln Show story. Our #gratitude for their vision, trust and collaboration is beyond measure.