Yellowstone FYC: AV Editorial

Creative + Edit: Lincoln Show Studio (Lincoln and Rose) Agency: Leroy and Rose Working through Lincoln and Rose/Lincoln Show Studio creative + editorial and with our partner and agency lead Leroy and Rose, we executed a series of FYC spots for MTV platforms. Yellowstone was one of the original 30s we executed with custom motion titles.

Lincoln Show Studio Anniversary

Plan the Work, Work the Plan, Load in, Gear Up, Grind Hard, Burn Late, Rise Early, Be Good, Stay Sharp, Get it Right, Make it Safe, Make it Special, Spread the Love, Let’s do it — These are actual exchanges spoken with crew and collaborators, not just words or clichés.  Instead, these colloquial expressions are made from intention – by those we’ve been so fortunate to have on our side. The creative work we do is a joy that continues to captivate, transform, and keep us close. The friends in our community share a mindset and approach – all rooted in …

Looking Back: More of Our Story

#Gratitude | We’ve collaborated with visionary client partners, studios, networks, and consumer brands, directed and produced documentaries, Super Bowl spots, distributed original music across the world, collaborated with actors, designers, writers and crew, created original TV from The US to The UK, and contributed to the launch of some of entertainment’s biggest brands and series franchises. We’ve also spent countless hours on passion projects, favor endeavors, proof of concept videos and creative decks, advocacy drives, and late night school assignments. None of it is possible without the support and passionate work of our Lincoln Show community, our production teams and payroll …

Party Down Original Shoot

Director: Matthew Fife DP: Anghel Decca 1st AC: John Scovileto Phantom Tech: Ben Hopkins Gaffer: Gustavo Olivo Key Grip: Tomisloav Culina Art: Ward Robinson Motion Crew Production: Lincoln Show Studio/CMS Production+ Key Art: Liz Lang Productions Motion Producer: Michael Mattes Producer/EPK Director: Marcella Taylor | Pedro Avila – DOP/EPK PM: Andrew Scrivner Creative: Starz with Lincoln and Rose/Leroy and Rose Agency Account: Leroy and Rose / Matt Sams Client Partners @ Starz: Whitney Abeel, Nick Warner (#thankyou for the creative idea and support) Thank you to our Starz friends and to the generous cast for playing with us on a …

#GIVINGTUESDAY Lincoln Show Studio thanks our partners

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