Lincoln Show Studio Anniversary

A look at our directing highlights, company production capabilities, agency creative, and directing work with supporting agencies/productions.

Plan the Work, Work the Plan, Load in, Gear Up, Grind Hard, Burn Late, Rise Early, Be Good, Stay Sharp, Get it Right, Make it Safe, Make it Special, Spread the Love, Let’s do it

These are actual exchanges spoken with crew and collaborators, not just words or clichés.  Instead, these colloquial expressions are made from intention – by those we’ve been so fortunate to have on our side. The creative work we do is a joy that continues to captivate, transform, and keep us close. The friends in our community share a mindset and approach – all rooted in the desire to make something special, in the product and the experience with each other.

While we seek out the data and respond with strategic thinking and precision, we truly lean in with our souls, to connect emotionally/visually with the material and the viewers, to create something that will transcend.  That sounds like basic math, but each equation is unique and brought together by the company one keeps – the people who share those instincts, your integrity, humor, taste, inspiration, humility, empathy, and love for the work. Every amazing human we’ve ever come to know as family has come to us by the good word of others. The friends who have mentioned us as a solid creative partner, we forever appreciate the kind words.

THANK YOU to everyone in our Lincoln Show family #gratitude #crewlove #community