Looking Back: More of Our Story

#Gratitude | We’ve collaborated with visionary client partners, studios, networks, and consumer brands, directed and produced documentaries, Super Bowl spots, distributed original music across the world, collaborated with actors, designers, writers and crew, created original TV from The US to The UK, and contributed to the launch of some of entertainment’s biggest brands and series franchises. We’ve also spent countless hours on passion projects, favor endeavors, proof of concept videos and creative decks, advocacy drives, and late night school assignments.┬áNone of it is possible without the support and passionate work of our Lincoln Show community, our production teams and payroll partners, our vendors and department leads, our co-production teams and supporting production companies, the artists, designers, photographers and agencies with whom we’ve partnered, our editors, motion graphic designers, color and finishing team, musicians and recording mixers, our incredible crew who believe in every vision we set out to execute. #gratitude #lookingbackmovingforward #10years #crewlove