DC Superheroes, Anti-Heroes, Villains Pt.1

Director: Matthew Fife
Client: The CW
(please see credits below)

Over the years, CW fans (and former WB fans) have reached out wanting to see more footage of their favorite characters. I’ve made a couple of shoot compilation videos – Youtube’s algorithm always takes them down – but I promised some friends from the ranch I’d post something here – a sort of roster call of DC characters I’ve had the pleasure of directing over the past decade. Arrow was the first of more to come. Greg Berlanti and his WRITERS curated DC heroes for a modern world, the characters + costumes, stories + visual effects, the diverse/dynamic casts of ACTORS.  With often little time to execute, our separate crews sought to visually support this legacy. We built out environments and scenes to capture some momentary essence of these contemporary heroes/anti-heroes/villains. Teams of amazing people made it happen– Rick Frey and Rick Haskins, Mark Evans, Suzanne Gomez, Mitch Nedick, Howard Schneider, Paul Hewitt, Mark Pedowitz, Jen, Ed,  Howard and Al, publicity, marketing, operations and the incredible talent relations teams at the CW, + all of our Warner Bros. friends and family + collaborating teams and studio ops.  Endless gratitude for this decade in time: for the opportunity to work with a legacy of iconic characters. Thank you to the WRITERS and ACTORS, and to the CREWS, PROD TEAMS, and CW and WARNER FAMILY who were there by my side through it all. (video is intended for information purposes only)

Director: Matthew Fife (Lincoln Show Studio)
Production/Creative: Kandoo Films, Lincoln Show Studio 
DP: Billy Dickson, ASC Color by: Clark Muller @ Incendio #crewlove: Christian Hurley, Monty Woodard, Chris Reynolds, Manolo Rojas!!! 
Production Designers: Jon Noble, Greg Loewen VFX Designers: Julien Bremi and Zoic Studios, Brian Oliver/The CW, Armen Kevorkian (Encore). #crewlove #gratitude #DCsuperheroes #TheCWsuperheroes #warnerbros #theflash #barryallen #killerfrost #ciscoramon #vibe #kidflash #iriswest-allen #mon-el #supergirl #arrowverse #arrow #oliverqueen #wilddog #legendsoftomorrow #curtisholt #mrterrific #whitecanary #zaritomaz #atom