Gina and Emily of RHOC!

A tremendous pleasure to work with Emily & Gina from Real Housewives of OC and talk about growing up, being a teenager, raising a family, and all things Ruby Gillman❤️🎥 Thank you as always to our friends at Bravo and NBC Creative Partnerships for their collaboration. @lincolnshowstudio #crewlove
Dir: Matthew Fife
DP: @bohakala
Prod Design/Art: @walterbarnett 
Wardrobe: Jasmine Kostraba
Producer: Michael Mattes
Production: Lincoln Show Studio

Thanks to Michael, Andrew, Myeka, Art Team, @theswedes Jasmine for their impeccable work/collab, and the crew @lincolnshowstudio #rubygillmanteenagekraken 😎🌴