Warner Bros. Producer Profiles: Shoot + Editorial

Production: Lincoln Show Studio Editorial: Lincoln Show Studio Graphics: Warner Bros. TV We loved teaming with our friends from WBTV and WBTV International for this interview series with some of the most influential creatives in the industry, each an integral and significant voice in the historic legacy of the Warner Bros. Studio.

Lincoln Show Studio Anniversary

Plan the Work, Work the Plan, Load in, Gear Up, Grind Hard, Burn Late, Rise Early, Be Good, Stay Sharp, Get it Right, Make it Safe, Make it Special, Spread the Love, Let’s do it — These are actual exchanges spoken with crew and collaborators, not just words or clichés.  Instead, these colloquial expressions are made from intention – by those we’ve been so fortunate to have on our side. The creative work we do is a joy that continues to captivate, transform, and keep us close. The friends in our community share a mindset and approach – all rooted in …

Looking Back: More of Our Story

#Gratitude | We’ve collaborated with visionary client partners, studios, networks, and consumer brands, directed and produced documentaries, Super Bowl spots, distributed original music across the world, collaborated with actors, designers, writers and crew, created original TV from The US to The UK, and contributed to the launch of some of entertainment’s biggest brands and series franchises. We’ve also spent countless hours on passion projects, favor endeavors, proof of concept videos and creative decks, advocacy drives, and late night school assignments. None of it is possible without the support and passionate work of our Lincoln Show community, our production teams and payroll …

The CW Image Campaign

Director: Matthew Fife DPs: Elias Talbot, Pedro Avila, David Parker Production Design: Walter Barnett, Andrew Murdock Production: Kandoo, Lincoln Show Studio Editorial: Lincoln Show Studio Client: The CW

We teamed with our friends @Bravo and NBC Creative Partnerships to develop, direct, and edit this spirited Marshalls commercial with Carl and Lindsay of Summer House. Director: Matthew Fife Bravo Team: Sharon Ngoi, Stacy Asturias, Corinne Dutton, Lance Billington Exec. Producers (Lincoln Show Studio): Michael Mattes, Andrew Scrivner Producer: Marcella Taylor DP: Pedro Avila Steadi: Manolo Rojas Production Design: Walter Barnett Editorial: Lincoln Show Studio Audio Mix: Chuck Hogan

Young Sheldon: Original Shoot Campaign

We were thrilled to team up with our dear friends at Warner Bros. TV. Special thanks to Karen Miller and the entire team at Warner Bros. Marketing who have always been such amazing teammates on so many of our projects together. This project was a fun one! A volume of spots are created from the material. This is an abbreviated montage showcasing some of our set ups. (Music is for presentation purposes only). Director: Matthew Fife DP: Anghel Decca DP: Buzz Feitshans Producer: Michael Mattes | Vember OG | Monica Koyama VFX Designer: James Jones and WBTV marketing Prod. Designer: …